Hardwood or Carpet for Cottage Style

hardwood floor

There are colors associated with cottage style and several standard décor components too. But what about flooring? Is there a type of flooring that is better suited for a cottage style home?

The two most popular choices for residential flooring in 2017 are hardwood floors and carpet. The odds are you will choose one of these types of floors for your cottage style home remodel.

We recommend hardwood floor over carpet for cottage style homes for a few reasons. We will explain those reasons in the post below:

Benefits of Hardwood Floor

(1) Durability

The main reason we prefer hardwood floor and don’t recommend carpet in a cottage style home is because hardwood is extremely durable. A good hardwood floor can last the entire lifetime of a home. You don’t need to worry about tears or stains or soiling. The only concern is deep scratches which can be avoided if you do not drag items on the floor or allow pets with long claws on the floor.

Unfortunately, carpet will only last around 10 years. If you care for carpet and maintain it well you might be able to extend its lifetime to 10-15 years which would require regular professional carpet cleaning every year and diligent attention to stains and soil.

(2) Classic

There is nothing more classic than hardwood floors. You might consider carpet to be more traditional if you lived in the 60s or 70s or 80s but the truth is that hardwood floor was the most popular floor choice for homes for several decades and centuries before.

The core idea behind cottage style is traditional and classic so therefore it is only natural you would choose the most classic type of flooring available for your home.

(3) Versatility

A hardwood floor offers much more versatility than carpet does. If you choose a natural tone carpet, you need to choose furniture and décor that complements or even contrasts it. Whereas a hardwood floor is adaptable to almost any design and color of cottage style décor.

You can even add a little color to the hardwood floor itself if you decide to place area rugs throughout the home. The area rug will provide some of the comfort you lose by choosing hardwood floor and creates another focal point and décor opportunity for the home.

Downside of Hardwood Floor

To be fair, we will provide some of the downside of hardwood floor:

  • One issue with hardwood is the initial purchase and installation cost. Due to the benefits listed above, hardwood floor is much more expensive than carpet and it requires hiring a professional installation company to ensure it is placed on the floor correct.
  • The other issue with hardwood floor is comfort and cushioning. You could experience aches and pains over time by constantly walking on the cold hardwood floor instead of a cushioned carpet flooring.

In the end, we feel the benefits of a beautiful hardwood floor outweigh the benefits of carpet and ultimately recommend hardwood for your cottage style home when it comes time to decide which type of flooring you want in your home.

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