Add Color to Your Cottage Style Kitchen

We mentioned white as one of the core decor components of the cottage style. You will want white to be one of the main colors in your cottage style home and kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be the only color. There are creative ways you can incorporate and add color to your cottage style kitchen that complement the white overtone.

This post will provide a few ideas on where a dash of blue or brown or other neutral tones will provide a stylish statement suitable for cottage décor:

1) Kitchen Island

You could consider painting the foundation of your kitchen island a different color. The countertop should be a granite or stone material with a white or light tone but then the bottom of the island could be a neutral yellow or an eggshell blue. Both light colors would complement the cottage style and white overtone of the kitchen.

2) Kitchen Ceiling

The walls in the kitchen should be white, but what about the ceiling? Consider painting the ceiling a light blue tone or perhaps a light green for a fresh feeling in the room.

3) Kitchen Appliances

Find an old kitchen stove or refrigerator from the ‘60s or ‘70s that was made in a light blue or yellow tone. Colored appliances were extremely popular during those eras and you could refurbish the appliance to add décor and color to your cottage style home.

4) Floral Arrangements

This idea is very easy to pull off. You just need to add fresh florals throughout the room. Perhaps and arrangement of sunflowers on the table or the kitchen island. Two or three floral displays in the kitchen will add an appropriate amount of color without any major upgrades, repairs or design projects.

5) Colorful Antiques

Distressed and refurbished antiques are popular for cottage style homes and often are made in colorful designs. You can find vintage advertisements for Coca-Cola or other popular brands and use them to add color and charm to your cottage style kitchen.

You’re sure to love one of these ideas above. All are easy to accomplish with just a little paint or a trip to the antique store or a local florist. Just a little bit of color in the kitchen goes a long way to creating a cheerful and cozy space for you and your family to enjoy.