Cottage Style Decor Components

cottage style decor

For a true country cottage style home, there are some décor components you cannot do without. These décor items are essentials if you desire to live in the country cottage home of your dreams.

This post will list a few of the standard elements of the country cottage style in order to achieve the design you want:

(1) Nature

You can’t have a cottage style home without incorporating nature into the design. Incorporate pines and woods into the design and do not clutter walls and spaces with too much décor for an open and airy feel that’s common in the cottage style.

(2) White

Bold colors are not common in the cottage style. You should use white and light tones throughout most of the rooms. These lighter colors also aid in the airy and open ambiance associated with the cottage style. White tile floor is a good choice for cottages. You will want to hire tile cleaning services often though to preserve the brightness.

(3) Cozy & Comfortable

The furniture in a cottage style home must be comfortable and cozy and inviting. You should avoid sleek styles and architectural furniture often associated with modern and contemporary décor and instead opt for oversized furniture with throw pillows and blankets.

(4) Floral

Floral designs should be throughout each room and you will want fresh flowers in a handful of rooms as well. Flowers will aid in the natural ambiance and provide touches of color to complement the white and neutral paint tones in the home.

(5) DIY

You don’t need items and décor in a cottage style home to have professional polish. Distressed items and even DIY crafts and projects are welcome in the décor of a cottage style home. You can refurbish old chairs and furniture and incorporate them into a room or even add an intentional distressed touch to wood items with a power sander.

Have fun decorating a cottage style home and be sure the design represents you and is your own. No matter the style of home you choose, you simply must be comfortable after all is said and done.

These elements should provide a good start for a beautiful cottage style home you and your family will love to live in!

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